All started last year with the creation of Tweet Cliques, our contribution to the official

Volvo Ocean Race Galway Mobile App, also developed by DERI. Tweet Cliques was designed to help people attending the VOR 2012 event to easily find out what was interesting around the race in Twitter, in a real-time and organized approach.

This project quickly turned out to be a gold mine for potential and interesting Social Media Real-Time Analisys research, and it became what is known today as Whassappi.

Whassappi is the natural evolution of Tweet Cliques, aimed to further develop the idea of grouping people talking together about certain topics by using the structure of their conversational behaviour. Today, Whassappi has evolved to also be able to smartly label these groups of people using the social media content they generate, intelligently filter out non relevant interactions, rank users according to their centrality within the groups, and other features that are in on-going research.

There is a dedicated Whassappi Page for you to get more information, details and contact form. Current research we are doing aims to further develop this system and explore the true possibilities of structural-based Social Media analytics within the Real-Time context.

For more information you can contact us and we will be happy to get back to you.

Hugo Hromic, Conor Hayes and Marcel Karnstedt
Core Whassappi Resarch Team