What is Whassappi?

Whassappi (formerly known as: Tweet Cliques) is a small but smart app that tells you what’s up and hot around public events (i.e. the Volvo Ocean Race) on Twitter. Like many apps. But Whassappi is different! It doesn’t provide you a unified list with the trendy topics that every rag, tag and bobtail talks about. Whassappi shows you the things that groups of people around you, from small to large, are talking about. These groups, and all tweets in the groups, are ranked by importance. Like this, you get a comprehensive view about everything happening around certain events at a glance. This makes Whassappi new and very different. Behind the scenes we use a smart mix of network analysis, topic monitoring, advanced labelling, social ranking and real-time processing – all in order to bring you a new experience in an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile interface.

How to use it?

On the main screen, Whassappi shows you the current topics of the user groups it found. It lists the tweets from the most central users in each group – if there are more groups on one topic, it shows more tweets for that topic. On the next screen, you can see all the groups’ recent tweets for a topic, again ranked by the importance of the users that sent these tweets. Finally, on a third screen, you can directly see the ranked list of those important users. You can navigate between all screens and update them any time by a drag-down on the top of the lists – or by hitting the refresh button of your phone.

Looking for more information and some details? Read about The Three Screens!

Where to get it?

Whassappi was initially part (as Tweet Cliques) of a larger app developed by DERI for the Volvo Ocean Race 2012 in Galway. Besides a wealth of important information about the race, you find Tweet Cliques together with three other “Cool Apps“: Connect & Chat, Galway Compass and Live Info. You can directly install the app on your phone using the following links:

If you want to check the DERI app, or only Whassappi, directly in your desktop or phone browser, use one of these links:

Whassappi is not a regular Twitter Client!

Whassappi is not a replacement for your regular Twitter client. We use a complex set of filters and rules to pick out all those tweets from the Twittersphere that are related to any particular event. Like this, we create our own stream of those events and related tweets. This also means that some of the shown tweets might appear to be rather old. This is simply the case when we didn’t observe any more recent related tweets from a user.

The Team

Want to know who are behind the app? Then meet the The Team! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to get involved.


We’re happy about all feedback regarding our app, positive and negative! Please use this Contact Form to send us a message.

More to come!

We are planning to continuously improve and extend our app. There’s loads of ideas we still have and challenges we still face. Thus, we are planning to make our app available for future main events. More will be announced in time here. Stay tuned!


Whassappi is an outcome of cutting edge research at DERI (http://www.deri.ie), a research institute of NUI Galway, Ireland. It is made possible by general funding from Science Foundation Ireland in the context of the Lion-2 project, and from the European Union in the context of the ROBUST project. It also employs technology from our partners TEMIS (http://www.temis.com) and the database group at Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany (http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/dbis/).